Plant Cuttings by Nancy Hoàng

Free Plants for BIPOC Folx

🌿 I want to share cuttings with my Black, Indigenous, and People of Color community!

📱 Connect with me if you are local to Long Island, New York for cuttings.

👀 Plant swap is dependent on scheduling & plant stock availability! — shipping not available.

😷 Face masks & social distancing measures required for in-person trades.

💌 Email via the Contact Form with inquiries.

Marble Queen Pothos Cuttings (Rooted)

Peperomia Frost Cuttings (Rooted)

Pothos N'joy Cuttings (Rooted)

Scindapsus Pictus (Rooted)

Philodendron Brasil (Rooted)

Philodendron Cebu Blue Cuttings (Rooted)

Neon Pothos Cuttings (Rooted)

Philodendron Scandens Heartleaf Cuttings (Rooted)