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Hello, I’m Nancy ✌🏽

My pronouns are she/her in English & chị em in Vietnamese. 🇻🇳

Welcome to my portfolio — here you'll find examples of my creative work. Click around for photography highlights, writing samples, and design work. I also provide some free downloads and information on organizations doing important work.

I am a Vietnamese American writer and photographer. I specialize in music and live event photography, with extensive experience in the New York City concert scene. My work has been published in CMJ Network, The Quietus, and Adrian Grenier's Instagram.

As a proud daughter of immigrants, I am a first generation college graduate. I hold a Master of Arts in English and am a Master of Public Health candidate. I also hold a Chartered Advisor in Philanthropy® designation.

image description: overhead view of garden vegetables being prepped in plastic containers on top of grass
image description: classroom SMART board presentation on social media in classroom, two facilitators standing in front, with seated attendees

Nancy has taught public school sexual health education and youth development. She is an advocate for accessible reproductive healthcare.